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Knight & Hale’s New Death Chamber Sets The Standard For Deer Calls

Since their inception, deer grunt calls have given hunters an excellent tool for attracting whitetails. Some of these calls accurately re-create several whitetail deer vocalizations, and used in the right situations, can prove deadly for whitetail bucks. With a myriad of calls available today, which one should you use? Knight & Hale Game Calls is considered one of the industry leaders in game calls and hunting accessories. Their mantra speaks volumes about their quality...


Using a Deer Decoy

Deer decoys have proven to be a valuable tool for deer hunters, provided they are used wisely. Extreme caution must be used when transporting the decoy afield. Most decoys can be assembled afield, and are easily transported in a hunter’s orange bag. There are many decoys available on the market today. They range from silhouettes to full-body decoys. Some decoys like the Carry-Lite EZ-Buck HD are extremely lifelike with photo-realistic colors. Experts suggest using...


Summit’s Goliath Climbing Stand Towers Above The Competition

These days when it comes to hunting from a climbing treestand, comfort and safety are of paramount concern. It is reassuring to know that you can put your mind at ease, knowing that your treestand is going to hold you up because it is built with the best materials available! For large-sized hunters, finding a treestand with enough room for comfort—and the capacity to support a weight limit of up to 350 pounds—has been...


Summit’s Viper SDC Stand: Packed With Features, But Light As A Feather

Most hunting experts would agree that most hunters’ successes are closely linked to the ability to stay comfortable in a treestand for long periods of time. It’s true; Hunters must sometimes log some long hours in a treestand to outwit a wily game animal. The new Viper SDC represents Summit’s best, all-around climber with a perfect balance of features guaranteed to please the most discriminating hunter. The Viper SDC is roomy, allowing you freedom...


Knight & Hale’s Pack Rack Magnum Raises the Bar in Rattling Horns

Savvy deer hunters know that calling whitetail bucks by imitating two bucks sparring, can be an exciting proposition.  Who would have ever thought that clashing two antlers together would bring area bucks running?  In most areas where buck/doe ratios are correct, rattling is a deadly tactic that is overlooked by many hunters.  Rattling is actually a simple process where hunters bang a couple of deer antlers together – or use a rattling bag –...